Behind the Lens

Tobi, 28

" one point, every frame was just an idea in someone's head. An idea of telling a story in a particular way, an idea that connects the audience to a happening long gone."

Meet Tobi Wernik, the man behind the lens.

Growing up in Salzburg, Austria, Tobi spent most of his childhood skiing, mountainbiking or hiking somewhere between northern Italy and his hometown Salzburg. He moved to Graz in 2015 to get his degree and spent a semester in Indonesia while doing so. Part of his family is from southern California, which is why he enjoyed a bilingual upbringing. 

"...even tho I spent way more time reading and writing german, it always felt more natural to express myself in english. Hence, the language of the blog."

How did you get into photography?

"My father used to spend a lot of time with his "Fotoapparat" when I was a kid, my interest in photography was little to none back then. I was more interested in riding my bike or reading magazines about rad stuff, like riding bikes.

Even though I was very young, I remember looking at photographs of the sports I enjoyed doing and thinking to myself 'this is such a cool move, but visually the photo is really hard to look at'. I thought there has to be a better way to capture the cool stuff thats happening. It was not until my exchange semester in East Java, Indonesia, that I finally got in touch with people who were taking pictures that actually seemed appealing to me. For the first time, I felt like I was able to connect movement and aesthetics in a single frame and it changed my approach on photography. The idea of the frame was always there, all I added was a subject.

How do you enter your flow state?